Fast, Friendly & Affordable Computer Repair

We provide prompt, affordable, and unsurpassed quality computer repairs for Windows PCs and Macintosh computers. We proudly service laptops, notebooks, desktops, towers, all-in-ones & gaming computers.
Our technicians use the newest utilities to remove malicious software & viruses. This includes viruses & malware that slip by most security systems. Removing viruses will increase privacy and protect your personal information. Best of all, we don't just solve the problem, we install our software on your system so you can stay protected moving forward!
Does a certain device not work? Let our technicians diagnose the problem and fix it for you. DC jack repairs, cracked screens, and broken laptop hinges and plastics are a few hardware repairs we do on a frequent basis. Some software can be incompatible with your system or conflict with other programs which can cause slow-downs, lag, instability (blue screens, random reboots, freezing, etc), and other problems. Software and application errors can be difficult to diagnose. We can identify and resolve these issues and offer insight on how to avoid these conflicts moving forward.
Whether you’re looking for a gaming machine or a basic, PC for internet/office use, we can build one for you from scratch! You tell us your requirements/criteria for your ideal computer, we’ll provide you with several options varying in cost; right down to each individual component. Not sure exactly what you need? Our certified technicians will help you choose a configuration that will suit your needs. Setting up your wireless or shared network printer, configuring or optimizing your internet connection, and creating a home-based network where multiple machines can communicate with each other are all tasks we do on a frequent basis. Our technicians will travel to your location with same-day service usually available.

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